(Frequently Asked Questions)
Team Administrator FAQs:

- Once your RMA is complete, if you do not see your team when logged in as a Team Administrator, please contact Affinity Sports to assist with getting you rostered to the correct team.  Email your team name, team ID#, and age group to: 

- "Game Schedule" in the left hand navigation will show you home games and allow you to update your home game times and fields.  The "Schedules / Game Scoring" link in the middle of the page will show your complete schedule and allow you to print match reports and score games.  Both links will allow you to request date reschedule requests.

- Match Reports:  The rosters from your own registration system may be used. Affinity rosters are not required for the teams to use this Fall. Use the most complete copy of your team roster that isn’t hand written.  Uploads of player data may be submitted by your Club, but this is not required.  Team Administrators do not currently have the ability to add players to their rosters in the system.

If the both teams enter different information the system will display a contested result. A contested result occurs when Scores or Cards are not entered the same by both teams. When this happens you will see a Home and Away tab on the game stats entry popup.  If both teams entries match this will resolve the contested match.  The contested match will be displayed with a red C(S) for Contested Score, C(C) for Contested Cards or C(CS) for Contested for Cards and Score.

Additional Team Instructions posted on the Information Tab.

For more information about Washington Youth Soccer Tournaments please check the website: